What's the difference between the "Fast Acting" and "Longer Lasting" formulas?

Most of our artificial baits come in both "Fast Acting" (red/orange packaging) and "Longer Lasting" (blue packaging) formulas. Maximum scent for minimum bucks is the motto for our Fast Acting baits. The rate of release and the percentage of stimulants have both been kicked up a notch in order to make the Fast Acting baits live up to their name. If target fish are plentiful and bait stealers are few, then the Fast Acting baits are a good bet. The gel used in these baits also make them ideal for late fall, winter, or early spring fishing or in places where water temperatures stay below 65 degrees. Our Longer Lasting formula provides extra durability for extended periods of time and makes a good choice for offshore bottom fishing, surf fishing, or when you're in the presence of numerous pesky bait stealers.

Fast Acting E-Z Shrimp


Fast Acting E-Z Crab


Fast Acting E-Z Clam


Fast Acting E-Z Squid


Longer Lasting E-Z Shrimp


Longer Lasting E-Z Crab


Longer Lasting E-Z Clam


Longer Lasting E-Z Squid

Longer Lasting E-Z Flea