fishbites saltwater baits

Fishbites® Saltwater Cut Baits

Fishbites Saltwater Cut Baits (Fish’n Strips®, Fish’n Chunks®, E-Z Clam, etc) are made from a water soluble gel that slowly melts in the water once it’s cast. The cut baits come in a variety of colors and flavors as well as two different formulas – Fast Acting and Longer Lasting. The scent technology we use is oil free so as the bait dissolves, the scent is dispersed horizontally into the water column and doesn’t float to the surface. It’s “the scent that melts in the water, not on your hands.”®

Fishbites® Saltwater Xtreme Scent Release Lures

Fishbites Xtreme Scent Release Lures are molded baits that you can use like any other soft plastic lure on the market. The Fishbites advantage is the scent technology we infuse in the material used to make the bait. Unlike our cut bats which dissolve in water, Fishbites Xtreme is made with a biodegradable and biocompatible hydrogel that does not dissolve, but instead remains whole while releasing our powerful attractants into the water column.


Fishbites Fast Acting baitsFishbites® Fast Acting Baits

Fishbites® Fast Acting baits are just that – Fast Acting. They are made with a soft gel ideally suited for dispersing scent quicker in all water temperatures, but they really come in handy when water temperatures are below 65F. Mixed into the gel are biodegradable fibers that dissolve into the water along with the bait so that there is no cloth remaining to remove from the hook. Once it’s gone… it’s gone. Put on another piece and cast it out! The simple rule to remember is; when the water gets cold (below 65F), get the red bag to heat things up.


Fishbites long lasting baitsFishbites® Longer Lasting Baits

Fishbites® Longer Lasting baits are most likely the toughest cut baits on Earth. In the center of these baits is a mesh that clings to the hook like glue. In short, the fish stay on the bait and the bait stays on the hook! These baits also employ a higher viscosity gel that withstands more punishment and lasts longer in the water before completely dissolving away. Even professional bait stealers will have a tough time removing our Longer Lasting baits from the hook without getting a surprise in the process. Do not attempt to remove this mesh with your teeth (yes, somebody tried it). Simply move the remaining cloth up the hook shank or cut it off with scissors or diagonal cutters. Nail clippers will do the trick too. The simple rule to remember is; when the water gets hot (above 75F), get the cool blue bag to extend the life of your bait in the water.

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