Let's start with a quick history lesson. The phrase "Bob's Your Uncle" is another way of saying "you're all set" or "you've got it made". It dates back to 1887 when British Prime Minister Robert (aka Bob) Cecil decided to appoint his nephew, Arthur Balfour, as Chief Secretary for Ireland. It was a very unpopular move with many saying that the entire reason Balfour so easily got the position was because, you guessed it, Bob was his uncle. Fast-forward to today and with a piece of Fishbites® Bob's Your Uncle swimming on your hook, you'll soon see why you've got it made.

Bob's Your Uncle (BYU) Scented Bait Strips are our own hi-tech answer to pork rinds. Infused with our Fishbites® proven flavor/scent technology, BYU adds needed dimensions to any Bucktail, Jig or Tube Lure on the market. It's a convenient, STINK-FREE way to add scent to your favorite Freshwater or Saltwater rigs. You read it correctly, you can stay salty or stay fresh with Fishbites® Bob's Your Uncle Scented Bait Strips. Each jar contains 8 ready-to-go baits - $8.99.

BYU Bottle CU 72dpi
BYU Bottle Top CU