Fishbites Guide Program

Fishbites Fishing Guide Discount Program

We are seeking licensed Fishing Guides who are regularly on the water with clients and are able to promote and test Fishbites products. These guides will teach their clients how to use Fishbites products and will support our brand in a positive way. As an Official Fishbites Fishing Guide you will be required to submit photos of the fish you caught using Fishbites. You will also need to be active on the Fishbites Facebook page, Instagram and/or Twitter using #Fishbites.

To enroll in the Fishbites Fishing Guide Discount Program you will need to provide written proof (i.e. official guide certification/license or business license/website/promotional materials/handle/background) that you currently operate a legitimate fishing guide business. After you have been approved for our program, we will send you an email detailing the products and apparel available to you. You will also receive a link to your Guide service on (see Meet our Guides and Pro Staff page). Plus, you are free to include a link to your guide service on our Facebook page when posting your Fishbites story/stories and pictures.

Openings for this program are limited and Fishbites reserves the right to refuse participation and/or cancel any applicant from participation in the Fishbites Fishing Guide Discount Program for any reason, including unethical standards and poor sportsmanship.

Thank you for your interest in the Fishbites Guide Program.

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