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Don Dingman

Jacksonville charter captain Don Dingman's “Hook the Future” program revolves around fishing – but it’s about a lot more than landing lunkers. It’s also about empowering your children. The show is hosted by Don Dingman, an expert angler who lost his 22-year old son, Brian, in 2004. This inspired Don to produce this program to show other parents how important it is to spend quality time with their own kids. Going out fishing 3 times a month with his own dad, Don learned how precious that parent/child connection is, and how the best way to teach a kid to do something, is to simply let him do it.
Each week, Captain Don takes a fresh crew to a new adventure. Among last years episodes was a trip out of Jacksonville, Florida for giant bull reds, a trip to Homer, Alaska for halibut, salmon and lingcod and a journey to exotic Guatemala to battle rooster fish and big pacific sails. In each episode, the kids are the prime movers – from piloting the boat to landing fish as big as they are. From marlin to panfish and everything in between, wherever there are kids and a hot bite, Hook the Future is there.



Marty Simmons

Martin Simmons has been fishing saltwater since the age of 14 and has been a professional fisherman for 9 years running. Marty loves the competition and representing his sponsors in a professional manner. He has cherished the relationships he has made along the way with his competitors and sponsors - Fishbites, Sunset Grille Pro Redfish Team, Mercury Outboards, Motorguide Trolling Motors, Beavertail Skiffs, Powerpole, S&A Leisures, T Allen Rod, ATM Solutions, Oceanwaves Sunglasses, Salty Crew, Bass Assassin Lures, and Eagle Claw/Trokar Hooks.


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“Cajun” Phil & Capt. Kevin Broussard

Cajun Phil & Capt. Kevin, This father & son team has been pleasing viewers now going on 50 years. Cajun Phil started the Outdoors & Fishin' Television show back in 1968, then in 1974 at the young age of 7, Kevin joined his dad as the Co-Host of the show, now 50 years later, their still on Sunday Mornings on Fox Sports Southwest.. Capt. Kevin & Ole' Cajun were also know as one of the "Hottest" Redfish tournament teams. For over 15 years they were known as the team to beat. With over 35 top 10 finishes, 29 top 5's, nine 1st place wins, seven 2nd's, two "Team of the Year" titles, & winning the prestigious "Redfish CUP"...
Well now, their both busy running & operating the Popular, Cajun Paradise Lodge & Charters is Southwest Louisiana. Capt. Kevin's 30 plus years experience as a successful guide now finds him busy trying to take care of over 2,500 customers a year. He also has 6 other full time guides helping him handle this task. Success is what this Father & Son Team is all about, and thats why they use, promote, & love Fish Bites.
For more Info on their Lodge in Louisiana, you can call Cajun Phil at 337-540-5530, or e-mail at [email protected], & also follow Phil Broussard on FB each day for up to date photos & reports.
Till Next Time, Happy Fishin' & May God Bless..
“Cajun” Phil & Capt. Kevin


North Carolina Fishing Guides

Fishbites Guide Chad Davis - North Carolina

Captain Chad Davis

Hello, I’m Capt. Chad Davis owner of Lucky Dawg Guide Service in Topsail Island NC. I have been fishing the coastal waters of Eastern NC since I was a old enough to hold a fishing rod. Whether its fishing from the surf to trolling offshore I love spending time on the water catching fish. My passion as a guide is the inshore waters chasing red drum, trout and flounder with light tackle. In addition, I also provide opportunities to introduce kids to fishing thru my family day charters. On this trip I spend one on one time with the kids teaching them the fundamentals to fishing. Since kids are the future to fishing it is an honor to be able to work with them to show them the importance of taking care of the resource and environment. Plus nothing beats the smile on a kids face when they just caught their first fish. I have been a guide since 2013 and I offer Inshore, Nearshore, and Shark fishing charters. As the local legend Mr. Frank White would say, “Do yourself a favor, and take a kid fishing”.


Cpt. Von

Von Hall

Captain Von found out at an early age how doing a simple thing, such as going fishing, can calm the troubled soul of one who was all over the map. When he was 16, it was recommended he write down three or four things he would like to accomplish before he turned the age of 30. Not in this order, but close. He wrote down, become a US. Army Paratrooper at Ft. Bragg (1986-1989), Drive racecars, (Mid 80's), Work on a oil rig (early 80's), Have a son (Adam) and find a way to help people. He has always found fishing to be one of the ultimate outlets to help get refocused. So one day, in the summer of 2010, he met a young Soldier and his wife at an outdoor function in Carolina Beach NC and invited them to go fishing. As he boated them up the waterway to Wrightsville Beach, he noticed the young man was dealing with things that he himself had experienced in war. Von wanted to help the young man visualize that the past is the past, and that he has a bright future ahead of him. As they were going through Masonboro Inlet, Von stepped to the side of the center console to work the throttle and keep a safe course. He asked the young man to put his hands on the steering wheel and look back from where they had just came. Von then asked him to "look back and visualize the past and all the bad things that had happened as just that- the past and leave it behind." The moment they were heading out the inlet, to a huge wide open ocean, Von had the young man turn around and look at this, as the young man's future. Von told him, "You are the Captain of your future and since you are doing the steering, you can set a course in any direction and you will be successful." Sure enough, he caught plenty of fish that afternoon. Later at a restaurant on the water, the young man excused himself to wash his hands. As soon as he was out of sight, his wife broke down in tears, crying at the table. She couldn't control her emotions when she told Von that he had to do this for other Veterans. She had witnessed firsthand, how time on the water fishing had helped to bring back to earth, the man she once knew before he had left for war. Since that moment in 2010, Captain Von has worked tirelessly to ensure that he has done his very best to accommodate those who have served in the military on a one-on-one basis. Since obtaining his Captain's license, a portion of his public Charters go to sponsor Veterans and their families at no charge. Our Intruder 21 By Dream Boats Global Inc. is the same designed flats boat that holds 4 World Records. It will go in 3-4 inches of water, but yet is seaworthy enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean.



Marc Kerns

Captain Marc Kerns of Outer Banks, NC owns and operates “Rock on Charters” Kid Adventures. He has run the Kid Adventures for the last 10 years and loves what he does and the impact he has on the next generation of children. Like all, he started at the bottom and worked his way up the ranks in the Bass fishing world, as well as the Saltwater tournament scene. He has taken those experiences and found his home working with the anglers of tomorrow. The Outer Banks offers such a wide variety of fishing for all levels, from the kids, up to the seasoned pros. We have Speckled trout, Redfish, Flounder, Cobia, Amberjacks and all the bottom feeders that love to keep the kids busy. As they become better fishermen over the years, there is nothing better than watching them advance to the next level of catching even bigger fish and seeing the excitement on their faces when they figure out how to fish alone and listen to their stories of what they have caught since their last trip.


Noah Lynk.jpg

Noah Lynk

My name is Noah Michael Lynk. I am the owner/operator of Noah's Ark Fishing Charters, based out of Harkers Island, NC. My specialty is light tackle inshore/nearshore fishing for Trout, Red Fish, Flounder, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, and all other inshore species. My love and dedication to fishing began at a young age on the shores of Molokai, Hawaii, where I lived until my early teens. Once my family moved to North Carolina, I found that the waters here provided the same type of joy and recreation as I had come to love as a young boy. After a short career in the Coast Guard, I started my charter business, and professional fishing career. During this time, X I have found that showing others how and where to catch fish is very rewarding. I fish most of the local tournaments for Cobia, Red Fish and Spanish Mackerel, and I am currently fishing the Carolina Red Fish Series. I also hold monthly seminars for local tackle shops and fishing clubs, as well as doing all seminars for West Marine stores within traveling distance. I travel with the ( circuit every winter as a featured seminar speaker, which includes several in NC and VA. I also attend the Big Rock Sports buyers show each year working for Star fishing Tackle, Sea Striker and Calcutta gear. I attend the ICAST (International Convention of Allied SportFishing Trades) show held in Orlando Fla. doing interviews for new products coming out for my sponsors as well as working in their booths helping buyers choose the right products. I also teach classes in several area fishing schools including the Fishermans Post Fishing schools in eastern NC and the Get Hooked Fishing school hosted by the NC aquariums. I am regularly featured in the NC Sportsman Magazine several times a year. I currently write monthly articles for the Coastal Angler Magazine for the Harkers Island/Cape Lookout area of NC. I currently do several on line radio talk shows for during the year. You can visit my web site ( for more info.