Spinning Reel, Bait Caster, or The Pink One?

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August 20, 2014
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October 6, 2014

Spinning Reel, Bait Caster, or The Pink One?

Fishbites Photo Contest August 2014 scented baits jerk baits best artificial fish baits (9)

This reel that reel, this line that line, the debate over what brings in the most fish is an age old debate.  This month’s $200 Fishbites photo contest winner, Karen Wilkie, is quite particular about her tackle setup and spinning reel of choice.  Her pick?  “The Pink One”.

Karen’s dad sends us this note; “This evening while we were out fishing with our Fishbites Fish ‘n’ Strips, chartreuse crab, we landed a small red drum. My 4 year old daughter was very excited and just had to have her picture taken. So here she is with the red and the cutest grin you’ll ever see. My daughter’s favorite bait is Fishbites Fish ‘n’ Strips, especially any of the pink ones. She’ll pull in Atlantic Croaker on her little pink fishing pole all day if I let her. Thanks Fishbites!”

“Karen loves to fish and we love using Fishbites. We actually fish quite often. Here’s a photo where she caught a small Red Drum with her pink fishing pole” said proud father.

So regardless of you are hunting bull redfish, gator trout using our 5” jerk baits and 3” shrimp or 3″ paddle tails, there is a bait for you.  Many of our photo winners have been using the small strip baits, in various colors and scents.  Most all available at a tackle shop near you.  Ask for them by name.

For a quick look at what this month’s winner (and several previous) is using you can click here:  Fishbites Fish’n Strips many colors and scent choices.

There were several considerable mentions for the August Fishbites Photo Contest, take a look at some other photos.  Remember, best photo is determined by photo quality, quality of the bait shown in the mouth of the catch.  Keep sending them in!



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