Paddle Tails in the Mosquito Lagoon
April 2, 2014
Double Hookup Wins the Contest
May 4, 2014

Split Decision

Jaime Fishbites Photo Contest March 2014
     Fishbites Scented Baits Made in USA Redfish (7)

For the first time EVER, Fishbites announces that we have a split decision! With an even number of judges, we could not decide, so we chose TWO WINNERS! And – we didn’t split the pot – they EACH got a check for $200!!! Congrats to Jaime for her Kayak Red, and Manuel for his Baffin Bay Drum, both of you will be getting a check from Fishbites for $200!

Thank you for your loyalty! To those other great photos, keep them coming. There were so many very good pics this month, it was tough. April contest is on, send in your pics!


Here are some other March submissions:

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