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Captivating Reel Fans Since 1994

From the opening sequence to the final credits, Sportsman’s Adventures is one of the most exciting saltwater fishing shows on TV. Hosted by Capt. Rick Murphy and filmed inshore and offshore around the globe, the show’s advanced technology and skilled cameramen put you right in the heart of the action.

Up Your Fishing IQ

Pick up pointers you can actually use to track and catch the most sought-after game fish from Capt. Rick and guest captains. Discover what different locations have to offer anglers and how professionals like Capt. Rick preserve and protect our oceans and their inhabitants.

Join Us Year-Round

Sportsman’s Adventures airs on Discovery and Pursuit from January to June, and on Bally Sports Sun from April to March.

Why Watch Sportsman’s Adventures?

  • Entertaining, high-energy
  • Excellent source for products and techniques
  • Creative camera shots, including drone and underwater
  • Highlights on location’s history and hangouts
  • Commitment to conservation
  • Learn something e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e!



Fishing Guide, Professional Tournament Angler, Founder & CEO RM Media

Capt. Rick Murphy knew from the time he was 5 years old that he wanted to spend his life outdoors fishing. A native Floridian, Rick grew up fishing in the waters off Key Biscayne and the Florida Keys, and honed his skills in the diverse habitats and shallow waters of Everglades National Park. Today, he is considered one of the area’s expert guides.

His search for adventure has taken him around the globe––from tracking salmon in Alaska and billfishing in Guatemala (the sailfish capital of the world) to tagging Mako sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, with Guy Harvey.

Along with being a professional tournament angler and the founder and CEO of RM Media, he is the executive producer and host of three of the most popular fishing shows on TV: Sportsman’s Adventures (celebrating 25 years on the air in 2019), Florida Insider Fishing Report and Texas Insider Fishing Report.  In 2018, Discovery picked up Sportsman’s Adventures, helping fulfill a lifelong dream: to share his love of fishing and the environment with as many people as possible.

Awards and Recognition

Rick is the all-time winningest saltwater tournament angler in the U.S. with 139 titles to date, and the only professional redfish angler to win three redfish titles in 12 months. He is also the only angler to win inshore and offshore saltwater championships in every category (bonefish, redfish, sailfish, tarpon, permit).

He has won the four Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing Tournaments (Ladies Tarpon Fly, Golden Fly, Don Hawley and Gold Cup), and has taken home Angler of the Year Honors from ESPN, FLW and IFA Redfish Tours. He is a South Florida Sailfish Circuit winner and twice was Master Angler Jimmy Johnson National Billfish Championship.

He is a Legacy Member of Coastal Conservation Association and a champion and contributor to the cause of preserving our oceans and their inhabitants.   *****

“Life is way too short to not do what you love. I wear many hats in the marine industry: TV host, spokesperson, professional angler and charter captain. Out of all my roles, guiding remains my favorite. It enables me to not only share my experience and passion for fishing, but also deliver the conservation message of angler’s rights and responsibilities first-hand.”

–– Capt. Rick Murphy



Timing Is Everything

Bad timing can wave a fickle finger, while good timing can swing a mean bat. It was a combination of both that led a fishing guide into the world of television. That fishing guide was me.

The day after poor timing put two different television shows featuring me on ESPN in the same fishing block, I decided to stop at Happy Days Bait and Tackle in Florida City on my way to fish a client in Everglades National Park. As I arrived at the shop, standing next to their boat in the parking lot were two anglers, who, like me, owned a Maverick flats skiff.

As I walked by, one of the anglers, Mike Zimmer, commented on how much he liked my shows the day before. “Thanks, but those weren’t my shows. I was only the guest guide,” I said, as I made a mental note not to run for the shop and let my stalkers know I was afraid of them.

You see, in Florida City, in 1993, there were two kinds of people who approached anglers outside tackle shops: those who wanted your wallet, and those digging for information. I figured it was the latter, as a plan to direct the fishermen to the “Low Tide Run-aground” ran through my mind.

“Have you ever thought about having your own show?” asked Barkey Haddad, the other angler and well-known Key Largo fishing bum, lobbing a pitch every fisherman covets across the plate.

“Sure,” I said. “Everyone dreams of having his own fishing show, but I don’t know anything about television and only a little bit about fishing.” At the time, I was thinking, “The tall, skinny one looks like he plays baseball.”

Mike handed me his card and introduced his fishing partner Barkey Haddad. At the time, Mike was the head photographer/paparazzi/celebrity stalker and manager at NBC’s Miami affiliate.

Two weeks later, at the Miami International Boat Show, I met Barkey and Mike again, this time to talk about expanding their efforts to create a show unique to South Florida. They would name the show, Sportsman’s Adventures, and would play to average anglers in Florida who wanted to learn more about their sport.

Coincidentally, it was the same year Miami’s expansion baseball team, The Florida Marlins, would win the World Series with Mike as Video Operations Manager for WTVJ Miami.

“We hit a home run with our first season, and have been the most popular fishing show on Fox Sports Sun, Florida’s premier television channel ever since,” said Mike. “It just goes to show you can’t live your dreams if you don’t step up to the plate and take a few swings. You never know when you’re going to hit one out of the park.”