Fishbites® work on the same principles that natural baits do. Our cut baits (Fish’n Strips®, E-Z Baits, etc.) mimic a piece of exposed flesh on a hook (shrimp, clam, etc.). The exposed flesh releases chemicals that dissolve into the water and create a powerful scent trail. Fish detect those scents, then track them and attempt to eat the flesh. When the fish strikes, they also get the flavor associated with the scent they tracked which is why we call our attractants “Flavor/Scents”. Our cut baits also have a texture that mimics their natural prey so well, fish tend to bite longer on Fishbites® than other artificial baits, giving you better chances to Set The Hook®.

Fishbites Fight Club Lures® bring a third dimension to your fishing game by offering a variety of popular lure-body shapes which release the flavor/scents described above. To better understand the creation of our flavor/scent technology, please check out our video “Inventing Fishbites”.