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Our Fast Acting formula baits are made with a lower viscosity, hence, faster-dissolving gel, giving you the maximum flavor/scent release possible in all water temperatures. These baits do not have an inner mesh layer. The Fast Acting gel is not only fully-loaded with our highly effective Flavor/Scent technology, but is also infused with biodegradable fibers which help keep the bait bound together on the hook. While our Fast Acting baits should create immediate action once they hit the water, they will not have the endurance of our Longer Lasting formula baits - especially in water over 70F/21C.

What is Fishbites®? Fishbites® is a line of bait products infused with our proprietary Flavor/Scent technology. Flavor/Scent is a combination of ingredients found in prey items (Shrimp, Prawns, Crabs, Squid, etc) that, when released into the water, predators can smell, track, and then attack. When a fish attacks its prey, it also tastes these ingredients. If the smell and taste don’t match, the fish will quickly spit the item out. Because Fishbites® is loaded with a properly balanced Flavor/Scent, fish don’t spit it out which is why it’s very effective on so many species around the world.

There are a variety of Fishbites® bait products, and they basically fall into two categories. Cut baits (Fish’n Strips®, Fish’n Chunks®, Fishbites E-Z & Yeh Monn!®) are made with a water- soluble gel that release high concentrations of our properly balanced Flavor/Scents into the water as they dissolve. Our cut baits are available in two basic formulations - Longer Lasting and Fast Acting.

Fishbites Fight Club® Lures (Shrimp, Jerk Baits, Paddle Tails & Curly Tails) are flavor/scent infused soft plastic lures made with a biodegradable hydrogel. These baits do not dissolve in water the same way our cut baits do but instead release the flavor/scent via small pores in the lure body. Click here for more information.

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