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Fishbites® Longer Lasting formula is made with a high viscosity, water soluble gel that releases large volumes of our Flavor/Scent as it dissolves over time. These baits also have a mesh layer in the middle which keeps the bait on the hook and helps the bait withstand numerous attacks from bait stealers. You can use Fishbites® Longer Lasting formula in any water temperature where fish are fully active. The combination of gel and mesh also gives the bait a longer life in water temperatures over 70F/21C. You should expect our Longer Lasting baits to stay on the hook after many-many casts and catches as well as endure turbulent water conditions without needing to be replaced as often as natural cut baits.

What is Fishbites®? Fishbites® is a line of bait products infused with our proprietary Flavor/Scent technology. Flavor/Scent is a combination of ingredients found in prey items (Shrimp, Prawns, Crabs, Squid, etc) that, when released into the water, predators can smell, track, and then attack. When a fish attacks its prey, it also tastes these ingredients. If the smell and taste don’t match, the fish will quickly spit the item out. Because Fishbites® is loaded with a properly balanced Flavor/Scent, fish don’t spit it out which is why it’s very effective on so many species around the world.

There are a variety of Fishbites® bait products, and they basically fall into two categories. Cut baits (Fish’n Strips®, Fish’n Chunks®, Fishbites E-Z & Yeh Monn!®) are made with a water- soluble gel that release high concentrations of our properly balanced Flavor/Scents into the water as they dissolve. Our cut baits are available in two basic formulations - Longer Lasting and Fast Acting.

Fishbites Fight Club® Lures (Shrimp, Jerk Baits, Paddle Tails & Curly Tails) are flavor/scent infused soft plastic lures made with a biodegradable hydrogel. These baits do not dissolve in water the same way our cut baits do but instead release the flavor/scent via small pores in the lure body. Click here for more information.

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