Pro Staff

Matt Isbell aka Bama Beach Bum - Alabama

Matt grew up bass and crappie fishing in a town called Wetumpka, AL in central Alabama. He then moved to the gulf coast in his early twenties and began his saltwater fishing journey. Saltwater fishing catapulted Matt’s fishing addiction with the variety of species to catch and eat! The primary focus of Matt’s YouTube channel is to bring you along with him on his journey to continue to discover new techniques and tactics to catch, conserve, cook, and consume the resources available to those living or vacationing on the gulf coast. Matt’s YouTube page has blown up over the past year and he now has nearly 40 thousand subscribers. Even with his YouTube success, Matt continues to provide surf fishing charters along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Matt Isbell

Ty Southerland - Texas

Ty Southerland, is the host and producer of the wildly popular YouTube channel “30milesOut Kayak Fishing TV” and has been filming his adventures for over 10 years. Ty is an accomplished angler based out of Rockport, TX and began offering guided kayak fishing trips in 2012. He’s a lifelong angler and great teacher, his trips are a “one of a kind” experience. All his life, as a singer/songwriter, musician and artist Ty Southerland has created a living out of nothing. An avid angler and outdoorsman since he first learned to walk, he always wanted to host a fishing show on television. When told he needed $75,000 in advance and several $10,000 video cameras just to get started, Southerland took a different direction. He added an inexpensive camera to his kayak gear and posted videos for free on YouTube, launching his channel “30milesOut” in 2009. Southerland became an Internet sensation, with fans across the United States and all of the world.

The show’s title comes from one of Ty & The Semiautomatics’ singles, which serves as the theme song and is available on iTunes. He composes at least five short songs for each episode. He produces, hosts, films and edits them all, sometimes tweaking them for a week or more.

“It’s where I do all my forms of creativity in one spot, and I approach it like my drawings and the songs I write. I try to convey a story, try to take people on a journey for that day, get them to feel what I feel when I wake up, smell what I smell at the beach, the anticipation, missing a fish, breaking one off. Then I intensify it more with music and the drama that happens, make it build to a crescendo with a big fish — like a song with a chorus, bridge and hook.”

In 2012 he landed a paddling partner and a wife, Theresa. She appears in episodes, videos Southerland, edits shows and manages all the marketing, website and Social Media pages. She ditched a 15-year corporate career to join Southerland full time after spotting him fishing from her office building overlooking Corpus Christi Bay. “That’s it. I’m done,” she said, recalling that day.

Ty Southerland

Noel Kuhn – Florida

Surf fishing has been Noel’s passion and hobby for over 45 years and he would love to introduce you to this awesome sport or take your skills to the next level. A Jacksonville native, Noel is not only one of Florida’s most experienced surf fishing guides, he’s the best teacher you can find if you’re looking to get into surf fishing or need a few tips to increase your catch.

Noel is a Guy Harvey endorsed guide and provides seminars throughout the year at the Guy Harvey resort in St. Augustine, FL including several women’s only seminars. He is also a writer for the Coastal Angler magazine and a repeat guest on the “How To Do Florida” TV series. Noel is a founding member of the of the Florida Surf Casters club and a distributor of fine surf fishing tackle including his one of a kind handmade and welded sand spikes.

When he’s not on the beach fishing he spends his down time as a casting coach providing long distance casting lessons for fishing the surf. Noel’s detailed seminars and lessons have changed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of surf fisherman and women across the country.

If you’re in NE Florida and either want to learn or catch fish from the surf this is the guy you want to contact!

Noel Kuhn

Paul Sperco - Florida

Capt. Paul is a transplanted inshore and offshore fisherman from New Jersey. He relocated to Port St Lucie eight years ago after having vacationed in that area for over 25 years. His northern pursuit of sea bass, fluke, bluefish, and striped bass on the inshore scene to yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, mako and thresher sharks in the northern canyons was replaced by targeting the fantastic surf fishing opportunities that are available along the Treasure Coast. Permit, pompano, whiting, croaker, snook, tarpon, spanish mackerel, bluefish, and jack crevalle are just some of the species that he personally targets and guides his surf fishing charters along this stretch of southeast Florida.

A Bass Pro Shop associate, Paul is also a member of the Penn Pro Staff and affiliated with the area’s biggest bait and tackle shop on Hutchinson Island - the Snook Nook in Jensen Beach. He conducts How To Seminars at Bass Pro Shops on a regular schedule. Capt. Paul also conducts other off-site seminars for civic groups and fishing clubs from Fort Pierce to West Palm Beach. You can hear Paul's South Florida Surf Fishing Report on Saturday morning on 94.3/WZZR. As far as print and online, you can read his Surf Fishing Reports on a regular basis in all of the TC Palm publications, Stuart News, St. Lucie News, St. Lucie Tribune, Indian River Press, and on, in the fishing report columns that are headed by the widely known and respected outdoor sports writer, Ed Killer.

Paul spends an average of four to five days a week on the beach along the Treasure Coast guiding and personally fishing for the multitude of fish that are available along this great section of the Florida coast. The days he’s not fishing, Capt. Paul is tying pompano and whiting rigs that you can purchase through Fishbites.

One of the best aspects of surf fishing is that it is the perfect sport for everyone from children to grandparents. "Anyone can do it and it’s as much fun watching my grandson and granddaughters reel in a 12-inch whiting as it is watching a charter customer land his first pompano or snook", says Capt. Paul.

Paul Sperco

Mark Gibson - Florida

Captain Mark Gibson has been fishing and diving the waters off Daytona Beach for 30 years. Being a diver has helped him to identify certain structures to better understand where and how the fish like to hide. While Mark enjoys all types of fishing one of his favorites is the nearshore flounder, “They start showing up around the month of May and one of my favorite FishBite’s products to use is the 5" Brawler Jerkbait in the Tapout color.” Daytona Beach has one of the best artificial reef programs around and the nearshore bite stays strong almost year round. So if you’re in the Daytona Beach area and want to catch a memory, look him up!

Mark Gibson

Will Nieman - Florida

Originally from central Missouri, Will Niemann grew up fishing freshwater targeting crappie, bass, bluegill, and catfish with his father and grandfather. At a very young age, he knew all he wanted to do was fish, often times fishing before his homework was done at the risk of being on the receiving end of a good scolding. Will would spend countless hours in his belly boat or canoe, paddling the streams, rivers, and lakes that Missouri has to offer, learning every bend, tree, and hole. He even won a high school science fair testing the difference between a Texas rig and a Carolina rig. Fishing has been a way of life for Will his entire life.

In 2005, Will moved to Florida, having never seen the saltwater before. He continued to fish his comfort zone and chase his favorite target, the largemouth bass. The Florida strain was a much larger and aggressive strain than he had fished in Missouri, he was in heaven. Then it happened, Will caught his first snook. That fish changed his main focus from freshwater to the all-new saltwater. He was solely focused on learning everything he could about all these new species, snook, redfish, flounder, trout, the list goes on and on. Will hit the water hard and hasn’t stopped.

Fast track 15 years and Will is now the lead kayak guide at St Augustine Paddle Sports and owns St Augustine Kayak Fishing LLC. He is one of the lucky ones that gets to fish over 300 days a year, so he is always on a good bite. As well as being a big part of the Fishbites team Will is also Prostaff for Kaku Kayaks, Cajun Custom Rods, Hackney Baits, Fishbites, Reel Happy Co, and Unfair Lures. Additionally, Will writes a monthly column at The Fishing Connection, you can check out his Kayak Fishing St. Augustine article each month. For booking info, go to He is also found on Instagram @staugustinekayakfishing or Facebook and YouTube at St Augustine Kayak Fishing LLC. If you see Will out on the water, be sure to say hi. Heck, he may even give you a tip or two.

Will Nieman

Von Hall - North Carolina

I was always taught, do the right thing and you'll never have to worry about your conscience getting the best of you. I've been fishing since old enough to hold a rod and reel in my hands and over the years, have seen a lot of things on the water. Fishing is a great tool to help keep a person focused and out of trouble. The past is the past and always look to the future is one of the best lessons I've learned over the years. I've been blessed and raised to believe in God, Country and family. Always look for the good in people. May not be popular, but there's a lot of truth in choosing your Faith and friends wisely.

My years spent being a paratrooper stationed at Ft. Bragg NC. helped me learn so much about myself and what I can accomplish with good people around me.

About ten years ago, a young soldier and his lovely wife, helped in more ways than one, in getting us to start American Boat Charters out of Wilmington NC. The story is on our website,

Taking Veterans fishing is the reason I decided to get my Captains License. Since that time, we have taken over 500 Veterans fishing. Even though we do family and friends fishing Charters that haven't served, we enjoy all the great people we meet.

Every Active Duty and Veteran proudly salutes the Flag and if they don't, we push them in the water, which we have yet to do!

We can't thank our Veterans enough for doing a job majority of people will never understand. It's because of their sacrifices being away from family and putting themselves in harms way that sets them apart from most.
We have been honored to become great friends with some of the very best our Military has to offer from all Branches of Service. We laugh, we cry, we love our Country and we show respect to all.

We can't thank Fishbites and other Charter boat Captains enough for their help and support. I'm a firm believer if we help others reach their goals, then we will reach ours.

Von Hall

Joe Ezell – Louisiana

Joe began fishing farm ponds and local lakes for bass, bream and catfish in grade school while balancing a tackle box and Zebco 33 from the handle bars of a bike. His dad bought an aluminum boat with a 9 horse Johnson tiller steer about the time Joe got his driver’s license and he pulled that boat to every lake within a day’s ride behind an old ‘64 Ford pickup chasing Bass all over South East Mississippi.

After High School, Joe received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi. Soon after graduation, he went to work for a manufacturing company as a sales rep, working his way up to Vice President of Sales.

The old 17 foot aluminum boat was replaced with a TR186 Triton bass boat and a 2 stroke 150 Johnson. In 2008 Joe’s better half, Brenda Mayo, booked a inshore charter for us with Captain Chad Dufrene of Dufrene’s Guide Service. After catching the first redfish he told her, “I’m selling my bass stuff”. Two months later all of the bass gear was gone and had been replaced with inshore gear.

Fast forward to 2012 and the first bay boat was purchased. After many trips and several charters Captain Chad had seen enough potential to begin mentoring Joe and showing him the ropes of the charter business. In 2015 Joe and Brenda bought a piece of property in Delacroix, LA with a burned out trailer on pilings and overgrowth so bad it would take a year to clean up. That same year he got his USCG OUPV Captain’s license. It has been a long journey from the kid on that bicycle carrying the Zebco 33 to today, but the grin when Joe sees a cork go down or fish hit the net is the same now as it was then. Joe truly enjoys seeing people catch fish and feels honored to share his passion for the outdoors and fishing with others. If you’re in Delacroix go fishing with Joe!

Joe Ezell

Buzz Brannon - Florida

Captain Buzz Brannon is a Northeast Florida native. Growing up around the water ways of this vast beautiful area of the sunshine state. As a young boy he was introduced to saltwater fishing on the shallow grass flats of the gulf where he targeted sea trout and redfish. Around age 10 he moved to Jacksonville Beach where he became an avid surfer and continued his passion for saltwater fishing on the inshore waters of the Jacksonville area. He has been fishing the creeks and flats off the St. John’s river and Intracoastal waterway for 20 plus years. He now takes his passion toward guiding his clients to the same shallow water game fish that got him hooked many years ago. Come see why Northeast Florida is one of the state’s best kept fishing secrets.

Buzz Brannon

Conner Smilon – New Jersey

Capt. Connor is the owner of L.B.I Fishing Guides. A native of the New Jersey shore, Connor specializes in fishing for fluke, stripers, and weakfish. Equally at home from the boat or in the surf, Capt. Connor is passionate about teaching people how to fish and has put hundreds of anglers on quality fish. Connor says “I am very passionate about the conservation of our water and our marine species. I believe that the way to save species is through educating the public. I found the best way for me to do this is through my guides. The most enjoyment I get is when I put the younger generation on fish, being able to physically show them the fish and tell them all about it. When they get excited about fishing and catching there is no better feeling in the world; knowing that the next generation will be as passionate about fishing as I am!” When is Connor not fishing he’s busy studying as a Student at Stockton University. He’s in his Junior year with a major in Environmental Science.

Connor Smilon

Chip “The Sinker Guy” Brundage – Florida

Chip has been fishing and hunting his entire life. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, he set his sights on coaching Track and Field at the NCAA Division 1 level.

While coaching has taken him all over the US, for the last 5 years it has brought him to Jacksonville, FL. Chip fishes the surf from Daytona to Brunswick, GA and targets many species from redfish, pompano, whiting, black drum and trout to the occasional shark. He joined the Florida Surf Casters club and was lucky to meet several local anglers that have become his closest friends.

Chip has devoted a lot of his time learning the local area fishing holes and run outs on the beach. He also currently runs The Sinker Guy YouTube channel and website. Here Chip shares his passion and knowledge of bait, rigs, targeting and his infamous sputnik sinkers. Surf fisherman in the know all agree these are the best sinkers you can buy for surf fishing the east coast. They are handmade in the USA by Chip himself when he’s not on the water fishing.

Chip has never met a stranger and is always willing share his knowledge with other avid anglers on the beach wanting to learn the techniques that makes Chip the fisherman he his.

Chip Brundage