Fight Club Lures

Fishbites Fight Club® Lures, Jigheads & Weedless Hooks Catch More Fish!

If you’re looking for a fight, you’ve come to the right place. Fishbites Fight Club® Lures are made from our own patented Hydrogel matrix. These baits are more durable and flexible than other similar scent-based lures currently on the market. Each Fight Club bait is heavily infused with our proven flavor/scent technology. In short, these lures are gonna bring the fight to you. Fishbites Fight Club® Lures will not dry out on your hook as fast as other similar baits nor are these baits immersed in a strong-smelling solution that taints everything they touch and everything you touch. You can finally fish stink-free! Our Lures come in 5 shapes and numerous confidence colors so regardless of your fighting style, we have a lure with your name on it.

You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and you shouldn’t bring someone else’s gear to this one. We have created the perfect jig heads and Weighted Weedless Hooks for our Fight Club Lures. Available in 5 colors and 4 weights, Fishbites Fight Club® jig heads feature heavy-duty, chip-proof paint and red holographic eyes. The business end is a wide-gap, Mustad® UltraPoint™ Black Nickel hook made from Nor-tempered 3X strong wire. Our Fishbites Fight Club® 3/16oz Weighted Weedless Hooks are available in 3/0 and 4/0 sizes and like our jig heads feature Mustad® UltraPoint™ hooks.