Fishbites Fishes the Grass Flats of Steinhatchee FL

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May 4, 2014
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June 6, 2014

Fishbites Fishes the Grass Flats of Steinhatchee FL

troutA couple weeks ago we put the Fishbites Xtreme Scent Release Lures to test in the grass flats of Steinhatchee, FL in the Gulf of Mexico.

Typically we ten to fish towards structure, in skinny water.  On the west coas of FL it is a bit different.  Just off the coast of the Steinhatchee River, the Gulf flattens out to miles and miles of grass flats.  The water is less than 3′ and the grass rises up about a foot or so.  The strategy is to present your bait on the top of the grass without getting hung up.  We went out with Captain Brad Riddle,, and he showed us his preferred method of trout fishing on these flats –  Popping Corks.

The popping corks as you’ll see in the video, have a set of brass beads.  When presented correctly, the sound replicated that of traveling shrimp.  Add the tease of this sound to the scent of our Fishbites Xtreme Scent Release Lures and you get a win win.  We were able to catch many trout using mostly the ghost white color on this particular day.  The weather had been rough and very windy for many days and the water was particularly tannic  and tea-colored.  We picked up a few on the shrimp color and a few on the chartreuse/pepper as well.

At the end of the day we had our limit on speckled trout for dinner, left dozens for you to catch. A well, we picked up 1 random spanish mackerel and a stray remora – but who’s counting the remora right?  The point is, these baits and their scent attract many species of fish.  When presented optimally, it is easy to get your daily limit.  Enjoy the video.


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