Bull Reds in the St. Johns River Using Fishbites EZ Crab

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September 19, 2014
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October 15, 2014

Bull Reds in the St. Johns River Using Fishbites EZ Crab

Fishbites Fish n Strip Crab - Bull Redfish - Jacksonville FL - Captain Don DingmanWell what did you catch this weekend?

There are many people who never get the opportunity to catch great fish in this world.  The crew at Fishbites is fortunate to have great people all around the coastal State from Texas to Maine to really know the area and know how to use the Fishbites product.

What’s even better is that we are able to show you exactly how to use the Fishbites product and help you get the catches of your dreams.

Last week a few of us took a trip into the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, FL, with Captain Don Dingman, from the “Hook The Future” TV show, (HooktheFuture.com) on the Salt Life fishing boat.  Not only were we put right on top of some amazing beautiful fish, but we only used 1 scent of bait – all day.  We never deviated and we never tried adding anything else to our hooks.  We used Fishbites EZ Crab, which is 100% made in the USA!

The Fishbites EZ Crab are baits that have a tough consistency making them the perfect pick for surf fishing, casting off a jetty, atop a pier, or from the bridge. Use wherever bait stealers are notorious.

We stayed with the crab scent in its rawest form, nothing fancy, just a large piece doubled hooked, as you’ll see clearly in the video.  What’s super cool about this bait is that in most cases, you will get your hook up, land the fish, de-hook the fish, and still be able to use the same piece of bait over and over again.  Watch this video and you’ll see us land bull Red after bull red, often on the same bait.  We purposely shot the video with close-ups of the bait hanging out of the mouths of these monsters show you how easy it is to catch great fish using the Fishbites product line.  If they are there, you will enjoy big catches like the ones you’ll see in this video, enjoy!

Ask for Fishbites by name at your local bait and tackle shop.

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