Double Hookup Wins the Contest

winnerSo college student Christian Gala wants to go fishing.  Not having much expendable income, he choose to try a bag of our E-Z Clam Fishbites.  Christian told us “I’m currently a college student so my free time is rare to say the least, I am usually broke so buying shrimp is out of the question, however I purchased one bag of clam fish bites, using my newly purchased prized bait, I managed 2 nice pompano the first cast, on one rig”.

Honestly, we hear this often.  Our surf-caster friends often tell us of double hook-ups on a single cast, particularly int eh southeast part of the state, surf-fishing for pompano.

This purchase was a wise investment for Christian for sure.  Not only did he start the day with a double hook-up, he was able to use the same baits over and over that day – PLUS – he wins the photo contest!  $200 to you Christian Gala.  Keep studying.

Here are some other honorable mentions for April.  Keep in mind the things that we look for – great fish – great photo – clear Fishbites bait/branding in the photo.  May contest is now on – send in your pics!