Abram “Tarzan” Miller

Abram Miller aka Tarzan, has been fishing the beaches of Florida with Fishbites for as long as he can remember. When his dad is working, his mom spends her days taking him to the beach to catch dinner.

Abram isn’t your average 11 year old fisherman. From cleaning fish on his own to tying his own surf rigs, this kid can do it all! Abram’s biggest catch to date was a 180 pound Black Tip shark caught on a pompano head after he fileted it for dinner.

Abram is trying to learn everything there is to know about the sport and has built quite the following where he teaches his friends and other young fisherman all he’s learned over the years. It doesn’t matter if it’s freshwater or saltwater, tarpon or pompano, Abram is constantly finding a way to get to the water and pursue his dreams.

In just a year Tarzan has amassed over 3000 Instagram followers and has joined the Pelagic and Engle ambassador programs as well. His goal is to become the best fisherman he can be and is accomplishing that goal by learning new techniques every day. You can follow him on his journey through Instagram and Facebook.