Brian Demo

Brian Demo was born in Connecticut and traveled the country as a military kid.  At 18, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and was stationed on Camp Pendleton, California where he worked on H-1 attack helicopters.  After retiring from the Marines in 2016, he traveled the country with his wife and daughter in their RV for two years until they finally settled in Navarre, Florida after a stop over in Destin for Thanksgiving really stuck out to them. A couple beach fishing days and several party boat trips, Brian fell in love with the fishing and his wife fell in love with the beaches.

After moving to Navarre, Brian immersed himself in the surf-fishing world and quickly learned success.  He studied under several YouTube and locally seasoned pros where he picked up many new tricks and tips that have made each trip a successful outing.  He has also traveled the Atlantic side of Florida and learned fishing from several locals and Fishbites Prostaff that has significantly helped him learn how to better read the beaches and plan his fishing adventures for more success.

While all of this happened, he found that the information sharing aspect of our sport was good and wanted to add to the flow.  He started writing reviews, articles, and reports on surf fishing & equipment.  As things developed more, he started the Finding Demo Surf Fishing Podcast where he interviews local fishing charter Captain’s through the USA & small businesses in the surf fishing industry to bring knowledge to people that might be traveling to a new place to fish.