Bunn Khiev

Bunn is originally From Cambodia, but moved to the United States in October of 2003. He and his family first settled in Seattle, WA. It was there that Bunn fell in love with fishing, targeting salmon and steelhead in the local rivers. Bunn moved to the gulf coast of Alabama in 2016 and started saltwater fishing. It was a big change from Seattle, with a completely different fishery. Many different species and techniques. He started out surf fishing for pompano, whiting, redfish and soon tried his hand at many other types of fishing including kayak fishing and even learning to fly fish. Bunn has learned so much in the past 18yrs of fishing in the US, but there’s still so many other challenges. His favorite species to target are pompano, steelhead and flounder. Bunn has become a local legend in the Orange Beach, AL area and owns a couple Poke Bowl restaurants in the area that are incredible. Bunn says “Fishing is my true passion, so I always make time for fishing regardless of how busy I am with work. I love sharing my passion for fishing with family and friends and will always help other learn along the way.”