Capt. Branden Collier

Branden Collier (Capt.Collier) is a USCG Licensed Charter Guide as well as a Youtube content creator along the Alabama Gulf Coast. He’s been fishing the local waters inshore and offshore since before he could walk and gained most of his knowledge from his Dad and Local fishing community. Growing up fishing along the Mississippi sound, Mobile bay, and Northern gulf he’s had opportunities to learn how and where to catch a wide variety of different saltwater fish from 2ft of water to 1000ft. His favorite time of the year to fish is in the fall when the air temperatures are cool and the Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder are hungry and plentiful. As he progressed into his fishing adventures he realized that he wanted to pass along the tips and tricks that he’d learned through his years of various types of fishing through Youtube and Guided fishing trips. In those videos and trips he speaks highly about the tackle and lures that he trusts and uses on a weekly basis and Fishbites Is definitely one of those great products.


“There’s Nothing more i enjoy than receiving messages and calls from people telling me about how much I have helped them become a better fisherman, or seeing that smile on a kids face after catching their first Speckled Trout”