Capt. Stephen “Bama Saltwater” Franklin

Captain Stephen Franklin is mostly known as “Bama Saltwater” on YouTube. He’s an Army Infantry Veteran, born and raised in Alabama who graduated from Gulf Shores and now lives in Orange Beach. He has been fishing the Alabama Gulf Coast most of his life. Fishing is his passion and he loves to do it all – pier, surf, kayak, fly, boat.  His favorite type of fishing is from the bank. He has a full size bay boat yet still enjoys the thrill and peacefulness of walking the bank with a bag of lures in his pocket and seeing if he can catch dinner. Now, he’s a licensed OUPV Captain, YouTube video creator, and ties his own surf fishing rigs! Bama Saltwater’s favorite Fishbites baits are the Fishbites Fight Club 5″ Dirty Boxer and the Fish N Strips Sand Flea.