Diane Pollock

Diane grew up in SE GA and NE FL, spending every spare moment on the water boating, fishing, surfing, and waterskiing.  Her addiction to the water began while she was still in diapers.  In 2002, Diane became an above knee amputee due to a bone infection.  After the initial years of adjusting to a life as an amputee, being on the water was very instrumental in her full recovery back to a “normal” life. Diane has competed in the Fishers of Men National Bass Trail with her brother for 3 years, followed by competing in disabled rowing events both regionally and nationally.  The adaptive rowing drastically improved her level of fitness allowing her to pass USCG medical qualifications to become a USCG licensed OUPV charter captain in 2011.  Later in 2012, Diane joined the local USCG Auxiliary flotilla, becoming a qualified boat crew member in 2013.  In 2015, she became a USCG Auxiliary Coxswain in surface operations involved in marine safety patrols and events, and she still currently serves in this capacity.

Diane thoroughly enjoys all things on the water.  Sharing SE Georgia’s and NE Florida’s area waters with charter guests whether it’s fishing, sightseeing, or a combo is her passion.  Diane maintains her  FL and GA guide license, and cover both SE GA and NE FL waters. She likes to target the Cumberland Island area due to its fertile fishing grounds and sheer beauty.  Some of the species Diane targets are sea trout, redfish, and flounder.  In the summer when the conditions are calm, she also enjoys targeting  kingfish just off of the beach and the occasional tarpon.