Erik Jarvis

Born in the sunshine state, Erik first started fishing with his father and grandfather throwing grasshoppers, worms and shrimp into the canals of the Indian River lagoon. These formative experiences as a youngster kindled what would become a lifelong fascination with fish and the compulsion to catch them. After being transplanted to the midwest, he spent countless days fishing for bass, crappie, catfish and many other freshwater species across the waterways of Kansas and Missouri. As his angling skills developed, he ventured up to different regions of Canada with his brothers, sometimes as far as 600 miles north of Winnipeg, for lengthy fishing expeditions targeting northern pike, musky, walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass and giant black crappie in Ontario. Those outings in the pristine, Canadian wilderness landing monster fish and getting awards as a young angler would resonate with him and further exacerbate his love of the sport, eventually priming him for his return to Florida later in life, which allowed for the discovery of and eventually a complete immersion in surf fishing. Erik started on the sand with an 11’ rod in Navarre, FL on the beaches of Santa Rosa Island. The waters were teeming with pompano and it was the perfect place for developing the surfcasting skills that he would eventually take to the Treasure Coast where he resides now. Along with being a member of the Pro Staff Team at Fishbites, Erik is also the chief ambassador for Lane Leaders Surf Rigs and owner of Vero Beach Pompano Outfitters of Vero Beach, FL specializing in surf charters targeting pompano and other species from the beach. “I love running surf charters. It never gets old. Nothing beats the feeling of putting my clients on the fish!”