Gary Kemsley

Hi, I am a lifelong fisherman and have cast a line around the Pacific Ocean waters. I live in New Zealand (just right of Australia). My home is in Napier on the east coast of the North Island.

I have tried all types of fishing and worked as a fishing guide at Lake Taupo for many years. I really enjoy sharing my fishing with others, new comers and experts alike. I have had ten books on fishing published which is one way to spread the word. I have represented New Zealand at the World Fly Fishing Championships in Wyoming USA, and the Salmon Fishing World Championships in Vancouver island in Canada. I host trips to Christmas Island (south of Hawaii) to fish for bonefish, Giant Trevally and a number of other species including sailfish and tuna. I am a keen fly fisher and have, and have had several New Zealand and world records fly fishing. The outstanding one which has since been defeated was for a Mako Shark of 53lb on an 8lb tippet.

At home my chosen sport these days is surfcasting. Taking my 4 wheeel drive up a lonely beach and camping out overnight is the greatest experience. We have a number of species of fish here including Trevally. Snapper, kahawai, kingfish (yellowtail), gurnard and moki. All these, and others, love Fishbites! I am learning fast how effective these baits are. Most species respond well to Fishbites fished in a similar way to pompano fishing in the US.

The exciting thing here is that Fishbites are unknown and introducing Fishbites to new anglers is a thrill. For them and me.