Jaden Witika

I have always had a huge passion for surfcasting since the age of 11. I grew up in a small village in the south island of New Zealand called Pareora where I really found love for the hobby. Later in life, I moved to Napier in the north island of New Zealand and the love continued to grow in my 20’s for shore-based fishing off the gravel right up to where I am now.

A fellow mentor I was always keen to meet and fish alongside as I really enjoyed his books growing up reached out and asked me if I would like to try some new baits. I was very keen and interested in what he had to offer. It took a while but after giving Fishbites a good go, the results started to appear positive.

I must say the thing that shines with the Fishbites product where I fish is the local blue moki can’t resist them! I went through a drought of really trying to catch one of these elusive fish for 4 solid seasons with no results. Once we figured out how the Fishbites worked for our local area in Napier, they became a very easy fish to target.

With nearly 3 years under my belt of fishing with Fishbites, I wouldn’t leave home without them in my kit. Hands down an awesome product that suits kiwis to a tee!