Justin Reed

Justin’s first experiences fishing were with his grandfather chasing whatever they could in the rivers and lakes of Georgia and Wisconsin. Growing up in Georgia, Justin really only fished a few times a year but little did he know those trips with his Grandfather as a kid would turn into a lifestyle as an adult. In 2018, Justin and his family decided to move to Navarre, Florida, and live the beach life. Justin tells us “ I’ve always enjoyed my time spent on the beach, and adding fishing to that only made sense”. From his first cast from the beach, Justin has been obsessed with surf fishing. The all-encompassing sights, sounds, and the thrill of that rod getting hammered by a fish had Justin hooked! Justin’s target species is pompano but you can find him chasing big black drum, redfish, bluefish, permit, and even red snapper from the beach. In 2021 he decided to start a YouTube channel in an effort to share his experiences with others. “My main goal is to show what I am doing and why, in the hopes of helping others catch more fish from the beach”, Justin says. Justin’s channel is a wealth of information and more importantly, it’s ALL about fishing.