Lukas Brickweg

Captain Lukas is a lifelong fisherman and waterman spending his you dedicated to all the activities the Atlantic Ocean provides in fishing, surfing, shrimping, diving, sailing and much more but more specifically, the Space Coast beaches, rivers, lagoons and inlets that provide an extravagant opportunity to perfect one’s skills in a diversified setting.

Captain Lukas’ understanding of the ocean has translated to fisheries around the world. Possessing a 50-ton United States Coast Guard captain’s license, he spends the summer season capitalizing on the plethora of species that merge into the abundant waterways at Baranof Fishing Excursions, including monster halibut, kind salmon and lingcod by chartering up to six passengers on a 25-foot aluminum fishing vessels out to the deep sea to fish for their trophy catch. Sensing the pulse of the everchanging seasonal swing, the fall signals a change in migrations. It’s back to Florida’s Space Coast to follow the annual fall mullet run from Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet and surf fishing everywhere in-between. This seasonal influence provides an incredible opportunity for an extremely accessible resource for residents and visitors to the Florida coastline.

When Lukas is not fishing, he’s providing  informative seminars at Sebastian Inlet and The Boaters Exchange.