Noel Kuhn

Surf fishing has been Noel’s passion and hobby for over 45 years and he would love to introduce you to this awesome sport or take your skills to the next level. A Jacksonville native, Noel is not only one of Florida’s most experienced surf fishing guides, he’s the best teacher you can find if you’re looking to get into surf fishing or need a few tips to increase your catch.

Noel is a Guy Harvey endorsed guide and provides seminars throughout the year at the Guy Harvey resort in St. Augustine, FL including several women’s only seminars. He is also a writer for the Coastal Angler magazine and a repeat guest on the “How To Do Florida” TV series. Noel is a founding member of the of the Florida Surf Casters club and a distributor of fine surf fishing tackle including his one of a kind handmade and welded sand spikes.

When he’s not on the beach fishing he spends his down time as a casting coach providing long distance casting lessons for fishing the surf. Noel’s detailed seminars and lessons have changed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of surf fisherman and women across the country.

If you’re in NE Florida and either want to learn or catch fish from the surf this is the guy you want to contact!