Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling

Starlo is one of Australia’s best-known and most respected fishing writers and screen presenters, with close to 60 years of on-water experience chasing everything from trout to tuna all over the planet, but mostly in his home waters Down Under. Steve’s a true “multi-species, multi-method” angler, and also a committed fishing educator who lives to share his passion with others, especially via his popular “Starlo Gets Reel” video channel on YouTube.

First introduced to Fishbites by his mate Gary Kemsley from New Zealand, Starlo has enthusiastically embraced the product. “I love the fact that I can always have some bait on hand, and that it’s so durable and effective,” Steve said. “But what I like even more is the way that using Fishbites can help to reduce our reliance on wild-harvested baits, thus enhancing the sustainability of our sport and decreasing its environmental impacts. For me, that’s a true win-win!”

Starlo is really enjoying the experience of introducing fellow Aussie anglers to Fishbites, and sharing in their excitement as the tally of Aussie species caught on these synthetic baits grows by the day. “I see a bright future for Fishbites here in Australia,” he enthused. “They’ve already been a huge hit across the ‘ditch’ in New Zealand, and I suspect that they are destined for even bigger and better things in my home waters… I look forward with great anticipation and delight to what lies ahead, and wish all my fellow Fishbites fans — wherever they are — happy fishing and tight lines!”