Tanner Deas

My name is Tanner Deas, I’m 26 years old, born and raised in Mobile, AL. I grew up fishing the Gulf Coast occasionally but have grown to fall in love with fish in the last two years. I was involved in a life-changing work accident that landed me in a wheelchair for quite some time. My dad would take me by the shoreline sheepshead fishing to get me out of the house, then we were trout fishing, walking down the beach, and the next thing I knew I was moving around my local island. I started “DauphinIslandFishing”, my Instagram page, to highlight my fishing and to sort of journal my newfound passion. As I grew in physical health, I did mentally as well, and I feel like fishing, being outside, and spending time with myself exponentially increased my healing. My local waters surround Dauphin Island, Alabama, where I frequently target inshore species like Speckled Trout, Flounder, Redfish, Sheepshead, Pompano, Black Drum, and other game species. The majority of my time is spent fishing on the shore; land-based fishing is my bread and butter but I also spend some time in friends’ boats, kayaks, and my own canoe for Sheephead season. There’s plenty of onshore, inshore, nearshore, and even offshore content detailed on my Instagram page and if you’d like to see some of those pictures, check me out my social media at “DauphinIslandFishing” on Instragram or “Tanner Deas” on Facebook. My favorite inshore species to target is Speckled Trout with Flounder being a close second. I’m a big artificial bait fisherman, obsessed with dialing the right profile, color, and baits, I’ve genuinely fallen in love with fish & their biology. Fishbites always gets it done for me, I love throwing the Fight Club lures for Flounder, Drum, and Specks too. I have to say, it’s hard to beat a chill day on the beach with the Fishbites E-Z Baits catching pompano and anything else that decides to eat that Fishbites goodness! I also take part in “Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report” a comprehensive fishing report podcast hosted by Butch Thierry owner of Great Days Outdoors. We derail weekly reports and catches and share tips and tricks of the trade to help each other catch more fish. Find that anywhere you listen to podcasts.

On top of that, I host an upcoming YouTube channel for “The Fever” a large, outdoor Facebook community group that celebrates fishing and hunting, our local captains, businesses, and gurus involved with the outdoor scene. You can also find me on friends’ YouTube channels like “Capt. Collier”, “Salty Swiggs”, “Southern Salt”, “Bama Saltwater”, “The Lawless Tide”, and more. If you ever want to talk fishing, book a trip in the future when I open my business, or just chat about fishing, please feel free to contact me on any of my social media channels. Blessings & Tight Lines!