Ty Southerland

Ty Southerland, is the host and producer of the wildly popular YouTube channel “30milesOut Kayak Fishing TV” and has been filming his adventures for over 10 years. Ty is an accomplished angler based out of Rockport, TX and began offering guided kayak fishing trips in 2012. He’s a lifelong angler and great teacher, his trips are a “one of a kind” experience. All his life, as a singer/songwriter, musician and artist Ty Southerland has created a living out of nothing. An avid angler and outdoorsman since he first learned to walk, he always wanted to host a fishing show on television. When told he needed $75,000 in advance and several $10,000 video cameras just to get started, Southerland took a different direction. He added an inexpensive camera to his kayak gear and posted videos for free on YouTube, launching his channel “30milesOut” in 2009. Southerland became an Internet sensation, with fans across the United States and all of the world.

The show’s title comes from one of Ty & The Semiautomatics’ singles, which serves as the theme song and is available on iTunes. He composes at least five short songs for each episode. He produces, hosts, films and edits them all, sometimes tweaking them for a week or more.

“It’s where I do all my forms of creativity in one spot, and I approach it like my drawings and the songs I write. I try to convey a story, try to take people on a journey for that day, get them to feel what I feel when I wake up, smell what I smell at the beach, the anticipation, missing a fish, breaking one off. Then I intensify it more with music and the drama that happens, make it build to a crescendo with a big fish — like a song with a chorus, bridge and hook.”

In 2012 he landed a paddling partner and a wife, Theresa. She appears in episodes, videos Southerland, edits shows and manages all the marketing, website and Social Media pages. She ditched a 15-year corporate career to join Southerland full time after spotting him fishing from her office building overlooking Corpus Christi Bay. “That’s it. I’m done,” she said, recalling that day.