Von Hall

I was always taught, do the right thing and you’ll never have to worry about your conscience getting the best of you. I’ve been fishing since old enough to hold a rod and reel in my hands and over the years, have seen a lot of things on the water. Fishing is a great tool to help keep a person focused and out of trouble. The past is the past and always look to the future is one of the best lessons I’ve learned over the years. I’ve been blessed and raised to believe in God, Country and family. Always look for the good in people. May not be popular, but there’s a lot of truth in choosing your Faith and friends wisely.

My years spent being a paratrooper stationed at Ft. Bragg NC. helped me learn so much about myself and what I can accomplish with good people around me.

About ten years ago, a young soldier and his lovely wife, helped in more ways than one, in getting us to start American Boat Charters out of Wilmington NC. The story is on our website, www.americanboatcharters.com

Taking Veterans fishing is the reason I decided to get my Captains License. Since that time, we have taken over 500 Veterans fishing. Even though we do family and friends fishing Charters that haven’t served, we enjoy all the great people we meet.

Every Active Duty and Veteran proudly salutes the Flag and if they don’t, we push them in the water, which we have yet to do!

We can’t thank our Veterans enough for doing a job majority of people will never understand. It’s because of their sacrifices being away from family and putting themselves in harms way that sets them apart from most.
We have been honored to become great friends with some of the very best our Military has to offer from all Branches of Service. We laugh, we cry, we love our Country and we show respect to all.

We can’t thank Fishbites and other Charter boat Captains enough for their help and support. I’m a firm believer if we help others reach their goals, then we will reach ours.