Will Nieman

Originally from central Missouri, Will Niemann grew up fishing freshwater targeting crappie, bass, bluegill, and catfish with his father and grandfather. At a very young age, he knew all he wanted to do was fish, often times fishing before his homework was done at the risk of being on the receiving end of a good scolding. Will would spend countless hours in his belly boat or canoe, paddling the streams, rivers, and lakes that Missouri has to offer, learning every bend, tree, and hole. He even won a high school science fair testing the difference between a Texas rig and a Carolina rig. Fishing has been a way of life for Will his entire life.

In 2005, Will moved to Florida, having never seen the saltwater before. He continued to fish his comfort zone and chase his favorite target, the largemouth bass. The Florida strain was a much larger and aggressive strain than he had fished in Missouri, he was in heaven. Then it happened, Will caught his first snook. That fish changed his main focus from freshwater to the all-new saltwater. He was solely focused on learning everything he could about all these new species, snook, redfish, flounder, trout, the list goes on and on. Will hit the water hard and hasn’t stopped.

Fast track 15 years and Will is now the lead kayak guide at St Augustine Paddle Sports and owns St Augustine Kayak Fishing LLC. He is one of the lucky ones that gets to fish over 300 days a year, so he is always on a good bite. As well as being a big part of the Fishbites team Will is also Prostaff for Kaku Kayaks, Cajun Custom Rods, Hackney Baits, Fishbites, Reel Happy Co, and Unfair Lures. Additionally, Will writes a monthly column at The Fishing Connection, you can check out his Kayak Fishing St. Augustine article each month. For booking info, go to staugustinepaddlesports.com. He is also found on Instagram @staugustinekayakfishing or Facebook and YouTube at St Augustine Kayak Fishing LLC. If you see Will out on the water, be sure to say hi. Heck, he may even give you a tip or two.