Fishbites on Fire in the South Florida Summer heat!

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July 21, 2017
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January 12, 2018

Fishbites on Fire in the South Florida Summer heat!




Capt. Paul Sperco is having a great July fishing with Fishbites on Florida’s Treasure Coast

After a great weekend in July one of our South Florida guides, Capt. Paul Sperco shared his recent success using Fishbites Orange Clam: 

“Just wanted to let everyone at Fishbites and all of the folks that use this phenomenal bait know about the success that the Orange Clam scented bait is having presently on the Treasure Coast. I exclusively used the Orange Clam this past Thursday, Friday, and Sunday at Stuart beach on Hutchinson Island in South Florida. My three-day catch was approximately 100 large whiting and croaker and no other bait was used. Everyone in our area usually fishes with cut shrimp and Fishbites on a high low rig but with the seasonal absence of shrimp during the month of July there is no shrimp in any of the tackle stores. After posting the recent results on my facebook page, in all of the TC Palm newspapers, and talking about the results on the South Florida Fishing Report on 94.3 this past Saturday all of the local tackle stores and even Bass Pro Shops here in Port St Lucie are running out of this particular bait.!!! I have always done well with all of the Fishbites baits but right now Orange Clam is on fire. My advice to anyone that is not having success along your area beaches pick up some Fishbites and take advantage of this great action that is happening along the surf. The enclosed picture was just our catch from fishing for three hours on Sunday morning. Good luck and catch em up.”-Capt. Paul 

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