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April 27, 2018
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August 21, 2018

Gator Trout Galore

Fishbites Guide, Capt. Shawn Mistovich of PM3 Fishing Charters tells us the Trout are thick in Pensacola! He has been using Fishbites Fight Club Butt Kicker Paddle Tails (pictured here with “Haymaker” color) with knock-out success sight fishing in the Gulf. “Some of the best trout fishing I have seen in Pensacola in a long, long time! Nothing like doubling up on sight fished gator trout. With no rain in several weeks now the water is very clear and salty if it stays like this it is going to be one of those years !!!”-Capt. Shawn Mistovich

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Capt. Shawn Mistovich using FFC Buttkicker Haymaker to put ’em on Pensacola Gator Trout


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