Last Ditch Efforts?


Here at Fishbites we get stories like this all the time!   Folks like you and me, fishing hard, trying every angle, every bait – nothing.  Then as a seemingly last ditch effort try this thing called Fishbites!  Then next?  Great catches!  This practice has made many a believer of Fishbites scented baits.  Here is what angler Butch Simmons from Atlantic Beach, FL said about a recent fishing trip…

“Dear Fishbites, just to let you know we didn’t catch a fish all morn on shrimp or cut bait. Then I went to bait shop and got two packs of Fishbites, and the rest is history. They work great thanks to you guys.”

Our bet is that Butch’s subsequent trips starts with Fishbites instead of being a last ditch effort!

By the way – this photo is a winner of our photo contest and Butch got a check for $200 for this great photo!  It is a great looking fish, a good quality photo with good lighting, and most importantly clear visibility of Fishbites baits in the fishes mouth.  Even though Butch is sporting the grumpy grampa look in the photo – he still won $200!  🙂

Oh one last thing – hey Butch – you need to get a bigger cooler!