Lil’ Nug gets a cat!

Madeline and her catfish caught on our Fishbites – Yeh Monn!® Freshwater Catfish Bait won the March Fishbites Photo contest for the kids’ category! Madeline and her family were kind enough to share their fishing experience with us:

“My name is Madeline aka Nugget. I’m 6 years old and have been fishing for the past year. My favorite fish to catch are big catfish! We came across Fishbites at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach a little while ago and had never seen a bait quite like Fishbites. The guys at the booth were nice enough to let us take some Yeh Monn! Catfish Bait home with us to try and it did not disappoint!”

“We caught 3 catfish in our first hour of using the bait. It was awesome. I can’t wait to get back out on the water to use it again!”

Way to go Nugget!!