March Flatness

March Madness turns into March Flatness! Scott and his halibut catch won the March Fishbites Photo contest for best fish! Scott is from California and was kind enough to share his fishing experience with us:

“With March coming to an end, the halibut were coming into warmer shallower water. Halibut are my favorite species to target in the harbors because they’re arguably the most challenging fish to get to bite. I made it my mission to catch a legal halibut since the conditions were just right, so I waited for the next slack-tide and set off.”
“After having no luck with Keitechs and gulp mullets, I decided to try the Curly Tails that I received from Fishbites at the Fred Hall show. I was honestly shocked at how well the action of the bait was. About 5 casts later, I felt a little tap, and it was game on! I bounced the halibut onto the rocks and was beyond stoked to measure it out to 22”.

“After that, I knew I‘d just found another staple harbor bait!”