Murky Cloudy Water – No Prob

20140308_072703One of our regular Fishbites users, Roman Duran fishes in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He wrote a note to use saying how he loves to use Fishbites because you don’t have to get your hands smelly or dirty with actual bait!  Just cut a piece, bait your hook, cast out, set the hook and listen for the drag to scream.

The main reason that Fishbites is working down south Texas for Roman and many others is that down in the Corpus Christi the water is real murky and cloudy.  The Scent of the Xtreme Fishbites baits lures the fish in.  A great advantage when sight is limited.  Roman says he stands behind Fishbites 100% and won’t use any other bait other than Fishbites.  Here is some proof!