Pompano or Permit? It won $200!

Fishbites Photo Contest July 2014 winnerA few weeks ago 12 year old Carson called his dad Curt asked if he could use his fishing tackle because he was going to the beach with his mom and sister.   Dad told him what to grab and they left for the beach around 10 am. Around 4pm I received a text from him from moms phone with Carson holding what he thought was a giant pompano. Looking at the picture I informed him it was a permit not a pompano!

Carson was elated knowing that he had caught something his dad had never caught and promptly started rubbing it in. Carson and his mom caught several pompano and large whiting that day as well. They said they had to come back home because they ran out of the chartreuse Fishbites.

They caught those fish on Mexico Beach Florida on 12lb test line with the moms’ rod and reel. The Fishbites products were purchased at Pier 98 store in Panama City.

Next time you are in that area, stop by Pier 98 store in Panama City and ask for Fishbites by name, show them this blog post and they will get you hooked up!

Here are some other contenders for the July Photo Contest.  The August contest is well underway – send them in!