Sometimes Bad Boys do right!


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Eddie Bustos and his team, Bad Boy Fishing!

Eddie writes;

“Dear Fishbites,

My name is Eddie Bustos, and I’m from San Antonio TX,  and I’m a huge Fishbites user. I’m part of a fishing team called Bad Boy Fishing and we all use your products here in San Antonio, on fresh water reds. I recently just won 1st place in a tournament called Fin Addict 40 Hour Bank Tournament with a 36 inch Redfish and a side pot with 41 spots while using the Longer Lasting Saltwater E-Z Shrimp in the Electric Chicken color, it really works!!!!!!”

Thanks again for the kind words and for sharing your story Eddie & the Bad Boys Fishing Team crew! And thank you to all of those who have sent in photos!