Winner Winner…Fish Dinner!

FishBitesContestWinnersGallery7Our May Winner – Mr Chris Laimit! 

Chris writes:

“The last fish I caught was an incredible story all by itself. I went out at first light and watched the sun rise. I had recently purchased a Shimano Sedona 4000 FE, from J & M Tackle because my Pflueger reel seized up on me (-in my ignorance I was rinsing it with hot fresh water…).

Anyway, I went a week and a half without catching anything. I was praying and asking God to give me a big fish so that I could see how my new reel worked with a big fish. Sometime later my rod tip bent down big time. I ran to my rig and started reeling in only to find that there was no tension on the line, -I thought he had spit the hook out. So, I kept reeling in and felt a little bit thinking, ‘at least I didn’t lose my pompano rig’.

But then I had to hold on for dear life as this fish started to and then kept pulling and pulling the line off of my reel! I held on and he kept pulling me left towards the Florida border. A crowd was gathering around me because they saw how much my pole was bending the entire time. I got within yards of the Florida border before landing this big Red Fish.

I was imagining that if a state inspector came by (and asked to see my fishing license) and me explaining that I started fishing in Alabama… He was saying (in my mind) “sure you started fishing and catching this fish in Alabama!. I don’t know how heavy this fish was but I had a tape measure and he was 36.25 inches long! It took me 25 minutes to land him and he kicked my butt! My shoulder was sore and my hand kept cramping up on me, but man o’ man was it so much fun. I released the big guy and can’t wait to go fishing again with Fish Bites! Thanks again for such an amazing product –I am a true believer and a Fish Bites disciple now.”

Congratulations Chris!!!!!

A big “Thank You” to the rest of our May submissions, fish on!