Xtreme Jerk Bait Tested

Fishbites Scented Baits Made in USA Redfish (1)After a brutal winter for Florida, ( 3 days of freezing temps) the sun opened up and said hello.  It had been a while since we got out of the office and wet a hook so out we went.  We decided to hunt Redfish with Tommy Derringer of Inshore Adventures, here in St. Augustine, FL.    The water was glass with a temp of about 55.  Poling up on the schools was easy, we found our friends pretty quickly.  Most were pretty skittish at first, but we persisted to tease.  We decided to fish exclusively with the Fishbites Xtreme Scent Release 5″ Jerk Bait in ghost color.  We rigged using a weedless setup to avoid the grass near the grass lines where we were casting.  The water was fairly tannin rich so we relied on the Fishbites product to do it’s work – Scent Release.  We would cast our bait ahead of the schools, 4-6 feet, and wait for the pigs to smell the bait.  The rest was just fun.  We hooked and landed several large reds, all within the slot size.  We kept a couple for dinner as well.

Remember, if the fish’s sight is limited, the Xtreme Scent Release line of baits will give you the edge over other baits.  Ask your local bait shop for Fishbites Xtreme Scent Release by name.  If you can’t find them locally, let us delver you a few from our online store.

Until next time, good fishing!